Big and Exciting Day Tomorrow

Tomorrow my brother is getting married. I am the mistress of ceremonies. I’m both excited and nervous because I want this to go off without any problems. This is going to be a long day for me but I’m ready for it. Maybe Sunday I’ll get to relax? Not likely.

I wanted to do that today because of the rain but it stopped around 5pm and yeah I totally did a ton of Pokemon Go legendary raid battles. I got a Lugia finally and I got a Moltres the first day. No Articuno for me. I tried 4 different times and no luck. I’m ready for the next one to start but that’s not until next week.

I just did 10 days straight at work. I dont want to do that again but I’m having 4 days off now for the wedding so I know that it’ll probably be happening most likely again. I had an interview on Thursday too. I’m crossing my fingers on that one. I need to get onto a steady job and finally get my feet into my degree. I don’t use any of it at my current job. I also don’t want to be doing 60+ hours a week during December.

So please keep me and my family in your thoughts this weekend. And I’m hoping greatly not only that the wedding is fantastic but also that I get my job.


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