Gardening Skill – Sims 4

Gardening Skill is very handy and one of my favorite skills to give a sims. Plus they can eat what they grow and not have to cook/buy food all the time. Handy tool and they will get a happy mood from eating the plants they have grown. Plus it gives the Sims something to do.

Levels in the skill and what you gain:

  1. Beginning. You get to buy seeds if you have a plant box and plant them. or you can harvest from plants around the are and plant them from your collection.
  2. Be able to Research Gardening stuff on the computer (if you own one).
  3. Fertilize plants, helps them grow faster to harvest more.
  4. Be able to fill Social Needs by talking to plants, very useful if your Sims is a Loner or when they get too old to have any of their friends/spouse left.
  5. Take a cutting from other plants and being able to graft onto other plants. Very helpful in term of finishing your gardening collection.
  6. Compliments about Garden.
  7. Sims gain a Green Thumb. Meaning you can just “Tend Garden” and they will do what is necessary. Harvesting is still going to be a separate interaction.
  8. $50 to re-grow a Bonsai Tree in order to re-shape it.
  9. Sims water plants and weed faster.
  10. ability to buy Farmer’s Seed Packets from the Computer/Gardening Pot. Completed Skill.

Combining/Grafting Plants to make new ones:

  1. Orchid and Pomegranate = Death Flower (exchange with Death to stay alive)
  2. Lily and Snapdragon = Orchid.
  3. Strawberry and Daisy = Bonsai Buds
  4. Strawberry and Snapdragon = Dragonfruit
  5. Dragonfruit and Snapdragon = Cowplant Berry
  6. Apple and Cherry = Pomegranete
  7. Tulip and Chrysanthemum – Bird of Paradise
  8. Sage and Basil = Parsley
  9. Pear and Lemon = Plantain
  10. Strawberry and Bluebells = Grapes

Odd Things to Note:

A trash flower/plant. You can do this simply by having one of your Sims empty the trash. Cancel the interaction so the trash is on the flower. Go to Build/Buy Mode and move it int the yard/garden. It will take a couple of days (when the green fumes are gone) and the plant will grow. Water it and get trash plant flower or buds. I’m not sure what to call them. I use them to fertilize other plants.

You can get several plants from cutting them when traveling around. I recommend doing this because you can get a lot of plants without spending a lot of money. Or you can harvest them if it’s available. If the plant is not harvest-able, some of them take a day or two of you being present (do not leave area or turn off game). In this case I recommend taking a cutting and grafting. Once the plant is harvest-able with both, simply plant the one you need.

In regards to the Death Flower that you can give Death when a Sims dies. You should know that does not stop a Sim’s death immediately. You need another Sim to give Grim a Death Flower after he’s done arriving to take the soul. He’ll accept it and bring the dead Sim back to life (back to start of Elder stage). Death Flower can be used in ambrosia to resurrect a ghost Sims.

Cowplant are odd creatures. They require feeding and attention. This will help with the “Fun” portion of your seems at least if you play/pet it. The Cowplay will fish out a fake cake if needs to be fed. If you do not feed if after 8-10 hours it’ll die, leaving a skeleton. However, when the cake comes out your Sim may try to take it. If that occurs they will have an “uncomfortable” mood for 2 days. If the Sim is stupid enough to go again during this time, it will most likely die inside of the Cowplant. The Grim will show up to take the Sims (or so I’ve read). The Cowplant will them be able to be milked and you can get the Essence of Life drink from the Cowplant. This will extend the life of your Sims because of it having taking the life of another. I have never had this happen to me but I have read about it and it’s not always a for sure thing that the Sims will die at the 2nd time.

That’s all I have for now. Hope this helps. I know I didn’t list where to find things but I hope people will explore the Sims game like I did. You will find different elements, crystals, fossils, Frogs, Fish and Plants by exploring. So take a vacation day and have it.


Information for Sims 4

So if you play Sims 4 like me, then you may or may not have googled a thing a time or two. Say you wanted to know the complete list of plants you can grow. Or you want to know how many elements/crystals you need. Also where to find things. Either way if you haven’t, at one point you will.

I realize that there is a website for this already. I have read Carl’s site. And it is helpful. However for myself, i want to have a quick reference point. So here I’m adding a category to my blog, Sims Stuff. Hopefully it’ll help someone or it will just be for me. Either way, I’m doing it. So stay tuned.