Harlots. Whore. Prostitutes. Pick whatever adjective you want, in the end it’s still the same, women selling themselves for money. Harlots isn’t just about sex, although you will find that in this series. It’s about women doing what they have to survive and the struggles they face.


Harlots is a set in London 1793 where one in five women are using sex to make a living. As the time period, there isn’t a lot of opportunity for women to advance themselves. You either marry well, work as a maid or a prostitute. The two biggest brothels in London are run my Margaret Wells and Lydia Quigley. Margaret used to work for Lydia before getting her freedom and buying her own house to have her business. The prostitutes have gain popularity due to a Harris’s List of Covent Garden Ladies, where the Harlots are living. They women discuss their personal reviews in the premiere. However, new laws have been put in place to shut down brothels and to raid houses suspected of being them.

“Sweet Emily, why don’t you just cluck off?” — Kitty Carter

The show focuses on Margaret Wells, her two daughters and the women who work for her. She has a rivalry with Lydia Quigley and Lydia would like nothing more then to destroy Margaret for good. Margaret has already sold her oldest daughter, Charlotte, off to a “protector” and is working on getting her youngest, Lucy introduced into the world of Harlots and find her a protector as well. Margaret is able to move from the lower end of London to a better class of London after selling Lucy’s virginity and gets focuses on growing her business that she starts to neglect her family. Charlotte is unhappy with her protector Sir George Howard and Sir George wants to control CharSirlotte at any cost.

Episode 1

Meanwhile Lydia is plotting to destroy Margaret. She has set up a spy across the street from her new house, two women who are holy religious and Lydia is able to blackmail them both in order to keep them working for her. What Lydia doesn’t know is that soon these two women will turn on her and while there are several twists and turns, bringing in the social problems happening in the new United States, with slaves and how ownership of them is determined. There are also ties into how the constables in London were supposed to be shutting down brothels but many of them are regular visitors to the brothels so they turn a blind eye, to say it lightly.

The first season or series, given that it’s a British TV show, only has 8 episodes to get you drawn in. I was hooked after the first one. I was never sure where the plot or story of these women was going to head. Just when I thought I had Margaret or Lydia figured out, they would do something much worse that it would just change my perception of them.  And while there are moments where you really just want to tell these women they’re being idiots, they seem to have to learn the hard way. I give it 9 out of 10 stars. The last episode is especially one that is hard to watch because what happens isn’t how you will want it to go but you will understand at the end. It sets itself up nicely for a second season, which Hulu hasn’t confirmed or denied them of that yet so I’m hoping it gets picked up. Harlots entire first season is now streaming on Hulu.

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Carol – The Walking Dead

When it comes to television and a successful show, characters have to grow and move with the show. More importantly, the character growth has to be realistic. Characters change, just as we do in real life, even if the story and show isn’t what you would call realistic.

Carol is one of those characters who has changed quite a bit throughout the seven seasons of The Walking Dead. The first two seasons were a woman who was this weak, winey character who would not last in this world if she didn’t learn to not only pick up a gun but to fight for herself. She did in season 3. Carol learned that she had to learn to fight in order to survive. She has learned that this world requires fight and sometimes that means killing more then just walkers. That takes us up through season six.

In season six, Carol decided that after learning Maggie was pregnant that suddenly she couldn’t kill anymore. First, I have quite a bit of an issue with this because a few episodes before Carol turned back into her weak season 2 self, she had just wasted a bunch of Wolves. Literally, only a few episodes. Second, Carol told Lizzie and Mika on the way to Terminous that this world isn’t made for weak people, it’s made for those who have to fight and now she’s turned into Mika herself. Third, this is just annoyed in general.

“You’re little and you’re sweet and those are two things that can get you killed.” – Carol

I personally do not like the direction they’re taking Carol. If this is going to continue, if this is how they’re going to keep Carol then she can just die. She’s a waste now. She’s annoying. Being left alone in your little house isn’t an option. Being left alone in a world full of walkers isn’t an option.

Carol was my favorite character on the show. Her badass way of finishing things and saving everyone is just how I think someone should be in this world. But this now, she is is a disappointment and quite frankly not even worth having on the show now. Melissa plays her well and has these past seasons but things have changed and Carol isn’t someone I care about anymore. She’s more annoying then ever. I’m just hoping someone will shake her and maybe knock some sense into her.

” It’s not about what you say. It’s about facing reality. It always comes for us and over and over again we face it so that we can live. ” – Carol

Like I said, either she gets off that damn couch and fights or she can die. If it takes til the end of the season and she dies, I think I’ll say “about time”.

Getting it all – The Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale review

It’s about half-way through December and the holidays are coming so it’s time for mid-season finale shows and The Walking Dead is one of them. This time the finale was set up to follow the comics and to bring together our separate story-lines we’ve had throughout this entire season so far.

“And I fed him spaghetti.” – Negan

Negan is of course still at Alexandria and we’re waiting for Rick to return. He and Aaron have successfully gotten a boat of supplies from a lake filled with walkers. Michonne has found where The Saviors live. Maggie and Sasha are helping Hilltop. Jesus and Daryl escape The Savior camp. Spencer turns out to be the douche-bag of a guy you knew him to be in trying to talk Negan into killing Rick. And Rosita starts to plan on when she’s gonna use her bullet on Negan.


It seems all tied together into a nice little bow on a present. This is Negan however and when he’s being nice, it’s not for long. Negan went and killed 2 more people. Spencer of course had to go because he was still wanting to take over Alexandria from Rick. And Olivia has been foreshadowed since Negan arrived at Alexandria. Two people who really weren’t that big of characters but they did need to go. Spencer for his need to want power and Olivia because she was too set in her ways and unwillingness to learn how to survive. These were easy character deaths.

In the end, Daryl and Rick reunite and they arrive at Hilltop, to form a plan to keep fighting. There is also a new character to the mix. This is the person that Rick took the supplies from, they followed Aaron and Rick back to Alexandria and their watching. This is the start to what the second half of the season is referred to now as “Rise Up”. The Walking Dead of course doesn’t return until February so we have about two months to stew and come up with theories as to who our new person is, will they continue this tread of following the comics and can all three groups actually stop The Saviors.

“Oh you are such a bad-ass.” – Negan

Overall the episode, for a finale anyway, was a bit of a let down. 90 minutes and the only real things happen in the last 35. This is obviously a build up for the second half and given that 4 characters have died in 8 episodes you’d think there would be more. The storylines are hopefully going to now be one together, except of course Morgan and Carol who are at The Kingdom. These separate story-lines were a bit draggy this season so far. I’m hoping this season half picks up because while Negan is a crazy guy and clearly not going to slow down, he’s still dangerous. I give it 6 out of 10 stars.


The one thing I am excited for in this second half is hopefully Ezekiel and Rick meet. That should be interesting and quite entertaining I think. I want can’t wait to see if this “mystery” person is a friend or foe to Rick and the gang.

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Please take your hands off of Judith – The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is all about pushing buttons. It’s not just the characters but those of us who watch and watch it loyally. Pushing buttons I think is part of the appeal of this show for a lot of people. It makes you think and it takes your emotions on a roller coaster ride into places you didn’t know. More to the point, it makes you care about characters and their lives and that’s sometimes people you should or wouldn’t even consider.

We all can agree that if Daryl dies, well it’s not gonna be pretty. He’s not even in the comics and people love him more then other characters. I’m one of those people. Daryl is made for this show and Normand kills his performance each time. Agreed?


Anyway, this Sunday Carl got an inside look into the home of the Saviors and how Negan lives. Carl got to his Negan harem of wives and how he deals with punishing people. The both sick and twistedness of it is off putting to say the least. However, I was oddly fascinated with Negan’s take on Carl. He actually seemed concerned for what Carl could do and a little afraid. In true Negan fashion though, he was still that crazy man we know and made sure Carl knew it too. He didn’t punish Carl in a way you’d expect, he just took him home. Thankfully Rick isn’t home so the punishment isn’t going to be a for sure quick thing.

Rick is out with Aaron hunting for supplies and things to not only keep the Saviors and Negan happy but to help Alexandria survive. This is going to require more work and travel since it seems that Negan has rushed through most of the area. It’s safe to say at this point that the Saviors are really an army of people. There definitely not just a group.

Carl brings Negan home and it’s pretty clear that everyone at Alexandria is trying to keep the children and definitely Judith a secret from Negan. After Rick’s revelation and truth about Judith it’s clear we all feel just a little bit more protective of the girl too. So when Negan discovers her after wanting a tour of Carl’s place and taking off his shoes, it’s a bit off putting.


For one thing, Negan just doesn’t seem like the guy who would want kids. Odd considering his harem of wives but he just doesn’t seem like the guy. I mean he’s crazy to put it politely but he’s just the guy who would walk away from a kid instead of taking care of it. However, with Judith he’s completely soft and caring. Like I was wondering if I was watching Negan’s twin rather then Negan for a second. It was weird and Judith was definitely not afraid of him, she’s clearly napping on him at one point. Carl is watching carefully though, always waiting and ready like a good big brother.

The thing about Negan though I want to point out is that while I hate him. I also don’t want him to go away anytime soon. I think he’s a great turn into the story-line and I think he’s gonna push the group more the anyone they’ve ever met before. He’s also not going to be easy to take down. I also can’t wait to see that happen. It’s definitely a hate/love relationship. I give it 8 out of 10 stars.

“I’d like to take it back to awkward silences now.” – Eugene


The Cell – The Walking Dead

The third episode in season 7 of The Walking Dead was a complete stall into the season. We had two episodes of motion and change for the group and knowledge of the world around Alexandria. And now the third episode took an interesting turn.


We get to see what Daryl has been up to since Negan and The Saviors took him. Daryl has been locked in a cell (clever title play) and the only real good thing out of this is that he’s finally naked. I know I’m not the only one who had that thought. He’s being tortured so to speak by a song called “Easy Street” every time he tries to sleep. A song that should be cheerful but instead is now stuck in our heads for the rest of the season, our own version of tortured.

Dwight and Negan are attempting to break Daryl down. See Negan wants Daryl to join them, even after Daryl got a great punch in on him. Negan walks around and everyone kneels, never questioning it and if you do, well you’re punished. Daryl learns that some of the other people held there must complete a zombie obstacle course. The rules are simple you follow and listen to Negan and don’t question his orders. You stay in line and survive.


Try as they might, Daryl wont break. Dwight has to go out and catch someone who left the group and this proves that Daryl is watching what is happening even in the cell. He’s paid attention to when they come to visit him to bring him food and how the door locks. He eventually is even able to sleep through the song, which would actually happen because you’d start to tune it out or just get too tired to care. Daryl is able to get out of his cell and he’s caught soon after by Negan and some of his men. They all show Daryl that they follow Negan and will always admit to being him, effective if anyone ever tries to kill him.

“Wow you don’t scare easy, I like that.” – Negan

We have seen this before when Rick and the group thought they had killed Negan, even though Carol knew better and didn’t say anything. Just when you start to think that maybe, maybe Daryl will give in, he doesn’t. Daryl does however learn something interesting, that Dwight had his wife stolen by Negan. In order to Dwight and Sherry to survive after returning to there, Sherry had to marry Negan and give up Dwight. Dwight wasn’t completely saved though because Negan punished him by pressing his face into a hot iron. This of course caused the scarring we now see on Dwight’s face.

Negan believes Dwight to be loyal and I think in a way he is. However, I do think given that chance that Sherry and Dwight would turn on Negan if they truly thought they could win and kill Negan. I think these two may end up teaming up with Daryl. Overall Daryl isn’t going to join Negan and The Saviors. Other then that we really don’t move anywhere. A back story to Dwight wasn’t really helpful unless he’s going to be helpful later. We shall see. I give it 6 out of 10 stars.

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Welcome to The Kingdom – The Walking Dead – TV Review

It’s time for a complete mood change. After the premiere episode The Walking Dead turned into a more developed and mellow story. It had to after the brutal and grotesque start to the season that comes standard with Negan now apart of the story line. My favorite character and in my opinion, the most badass character apart of The Walking Dead world, Shiva the tiger. She is a the pet tiger of King Ezekiel of The Kingdom. And she didn’t disappoint.


Morgan and Carol pick up there story almost right exactly where they left off. Morgan goes with the group from The Kingdom in order to get Carol some help. Also a bit of curiosity on Morgan’s end too. Carol takes a few days to get better and in that time Morgan learns a lot about The Kingdom. Carol is in her typical I don’t want to hurt anyone mode and also playing her role as a small helpless lady. Ezekiel of course is happy to have new people apart of the group but they must participate in order to stay. Simple enough, earn your keep.

Morgan helps the group raise their pigs, by having them eat walkers. They want them fat and they want them ready as soon as possible. Morgan finds it weird and it gets worse when they tell Morgan that he needs to keep quiet what he sees. Ezekiel implies what we already suspect, that they deliver goods to The Saviors too. Morgan of course knows who Ezekiel is talking about and when pressed doesn’t have much to say. How could he after he left before Negan and The Saviors took Rick and the others.

“Drink from the well, replenish the well.” – Ezekiel

Carol attempts to escape again and before she can is caught by Ezekiel. He is curious about Carol and her story. He wants to know more and because of this shares some of his history. Ezekiel and everything you see with the others is all an act, he is just doing what he can to help everyone survive and play a role that is needed in the new world. The one thing I don’t like is the some of attraction between the two of them. No this is not an idea I like and quite frankly I’m starting to wonder if they’re preparing to kill Carol. We shall see.


In the end, Morgan decides to head back to Alexandria and tell Rick what he discovered. Carol stays, outside of The Kingdom in a small house. She isn’t ready to go back and doesn’t want to be apart of the group. There’s a knock on the door, followed by a growl. It’s Ezekiel and Shiva, attempting Carol yet again to have a pomegranate.

This episode is definitely a change from the premiere. It’s develops the story of The Kingdom and lets you into some secrets among the groups that we have currently met in the past season of The Walking Dead. I’m happy to see Ezekiel and Shiva. I’m excited to see how different from the comics this season will be. Things are just starting to develop. I give this episode 9 out of 10. More Shiva, please.

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A Brutal Start to Season 7 of The Walking Dead


Breathe. Blink. Cry. The season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead gave you all of those things and probably a few times over. I’m not usually one to cringe at TV Shows and The Walking Dead has never been one of those to make me but I gotta say after last nights episode I definitely did cringe. It was brutal. It was grotesque. It was bloody. It was exactly how they should’ve introduced Negan into the show.

If you don’t read the comics then you are probably not happy with what The Walking Dead did last night. I’ve seen this repeated several times over on Social Media of people who couldn’t believe they did the things they did last night. However, in the comics this is exactly what Negan is. He is not someone to be toyed with and he’s the worst thing Rick and the group have EVER come across. He makes The Governor look like a child’s toy.

“I’m just getting started” – Negan

We begin basically right where we left off except we have to wait 22 minutes to find out who Negan killed. Yes 22 minutes, I clocked it. The episode plays forward and then plays back to tell more of the story. Rick is off with Negan for a good portion of the episode. Negan, even after brutally killing someone has to break Rick. Negan knows it’s going to take a lot more effort then he’s had to do before. You see Rick struggle with what he witnessed, how they ended up there and decide what he is going to do in the future. I’m pretty sure the entire group is going to have some serious PTSD (if that can even cover it) after this, as well as us viewers.


After 22 minutes, you see who Negan whacked. It’s Abraham. I called that (You can read it here). Abraham is the only one who can take a hit like that and get up ready for more. And he’s the also the only one who could impressed Negan like that. Negan doesn’t just whacked him until he’s dead, no Negan goes to town whacking the hell out of Abraham’s head until there is just mush left where Abraham’s head used to be. For those viewers with sensitive stomachs, probably had some issues with this and of course the whole episode. Unfortunately Abraham isn’t the only one who gets killed this episode. I thought for sure they’d hold off killing someone else until a later episode but they decided otherwise. In this case, I also called it. After episode and several times teasing, Glenn is killed also last night.

Glenn could’ve stayed alive but Daryl decided he wasn’t going to take this quietly and got up and got a pretty damn good punch into Negan before he was thrown down. Negan takes the hit well and instead of killing Daryl, he turns the bat to Glenn. One intense hit and Glenn’s skull is dented and he’s got an eye popping out but he’s still alive and telling Maggie to look away (I believe). Negan makes a comment on Glenn’s appearance and then finishes him the same way as Abraham.

“That is some screwed up shit.” – Negan

When Negan and Rick return from their fun time in the smoke and walkers that Rick had to kill to get to the ax that Negan threw out of the RV, Rick still isn’t broken. Rick is used to being in charge and Negan knows that. Negan also knows that he’s going to have to step up his game in order to make the “new order” clear to Rick. They arrive back to the group, in lots of sunshine at this point, and finally Negan knows what he has to do. He calls Carl forward and marks on his arm the place that Rick has to cut off unless he wants everyone in the group to die. Carl is fine with this so long as no one else gets killed. And just has Rick is about to do it, Negan stops him because he’s finally made Rick understand and taken the smug look out of his eyes.


Negan and his people leave the group with the RV and tell them they will be visiting Alexandria in a week to lay out the new world order and to collect supplies. Negan has taken Daryl with him because well “I like him” and to also keep him has leverage over Rick. The group has to pick up with bodies of Glenn and Abraham to bring back to get buried. Maggie even after witnessing Glenn get killed still wants to fight and stop Rick. The others know that they are out numbered and stand no chance of beating Negan or his people. Maggie is still in horrible shape and needs to get to Hilltop in order to know what is going on with the baby. However, at this point she may lose the baby due to all the damn stress of the past few hours.

“You work for me. You provide for me. Get it?” -Negan

Overall this episode is grotesque. It’s brutal. It’s beyond anything the previous episodes or seasons have done for The Walking Dead. It’s the only way Negan and his group (The Saviors) could be introduced into the story-line. I was surprised at 2 deaths but if you’re going to go big, you might as well do it all the way. The wait of 22 minutes into the episode to find out who got killed first was over-kill on there part. I know that I’m not the only one who was annoyed by this especially after having to wait months to know. I am very impressed with Jeffrey Morgan’s performance as Negan, he’s never disappointed me in any character I’ve seen him play. I give the episode 8 out of 10 stars. I dock a star because of the 22 minute to wait to find out who got killed and I dock another star because we really didn’t see much this episode.

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