Beautiful Weather and I’m Down

Nothing sucks more then when it’s beautiful weather outside and you’re sick. That’s me right now. I’ve someone caught Strep. Yes I know it’s highly contagious. I’ve also had it before so I knew what I had before I went into the Doctor’s. Which also sucks because I’m still in my 90 days at work so I don’t have insurance. I can’t wait to see that bill.

I’m currently past my 24 hour stage on meds so I’m no longer contagious to others. I however, can’t return to work until tomorrow. I’m okay with that too. I’ve gotten my energy back but I’m wondering how long before I crash. I’m hoping my work wont punish me for this either, I could totally see them firing me over this. I did have a doctor’s note but some places that doesn’t mean anything.

I also haven’t been to the movies in a while. I’ve got a list going of things I want to see but haven’t had the time to really go and see them. Plus, I’m not afraid to see a movie by myself but doing it all the time gets old really quick.

I’m also learning the joys of taking care of a turtle. I’ve had a little bit of a rough time finding the right filter for his tank. I had to do a bit of research and finally got the right one, cost me a bit more then the first one but I’m on 2 weeks in and haven’t had to change the water yet. Plus it doesn’t smell near as much either. I wish I could do that for my Betta fish but their tank is too small for a filter, plus I don’t have a lot of room for 2 large tanks.



I’ve been busy. I’ve had quite a few interviews lately but once again am still not getting hired. This is crazy to me when I used to be told I was under qualified and now I’m being told I’m over qualified. I truly can not catch a break. 

Its really starting to get to me too. I’m getting frustrated and while most would give up, I’m not. I’m not a fan of the job I have now. Yes it pays well but otherwise I spend most my time being bored. I’m not someone who enjoys that. When I’m at work, I like to keep busy. I’m not getting that here, I’m way over qualified. I moved from one job that didn’t use my skills to another.

I need some good news. I’ve been busy with family things too. I get very little free time lately. This is probably also part of the problem. I’m disappointed with myself right now. I feel like I’m not good enough too. Needless to say 2017 has been a very rough year for me. I need to catch a break.

I get that life gets like this but sometimes you just need a step in the right direction. That’s what I’m looking for right now. So while I haven’t been able to do reviews for movies. I’ve been watching some HULU series that I want to get some reviews up for. I’m hoping to have those done and up by next week. Hopefully it works out.

So don’t give up on me. I’m still here. I’m just busy with everything but what I want to be doing. Here’s to hoping something goes my way soon. 

Where have I been?

Where have I been? It’s been a long time since I posted. Well I’m here. I’ve just been busy. I’ve been working a lot with this new job (hoping to be done with it soon). I’m not happy about the job but it’s paying the bills so that’s what matters.

I’ve been interviewing for other jobs but I’m in the same boat as before. I’ve either unqualified or overqualified. And right now I’m sick of hearing both. If I’m applying, neither matter to me. If I’m overqualified it means I know what I’m doing and don’t require a lot of training. If I’m under-qualified, I have some things to learn but I’m willing to do the work for it.

This game is getting old. I’ve only been able to see a couple of movies too. This is a disappointment to me as well. I can’t get to enjoy the fun things I used to do. All this adulting is hurting me. Damn that responsibility.

Also, my family and I had to make the difficult decision to put down my dog Chips. He was 11 and had lived a great life. However, in a couple of weeks he changes greatly and he was in a lot of pain. We were out of options and it was for his quality of life. We laid him to rest next to my other dog Trixie. It’s been hard on all of us and I’ve spent a lot of time crying but I have accepted it was for the best. I also have been spoiling my other dog Dale like crazy. He’s a bit confused and doesn’t understand why Chips isn’t around but he’s doing well otherwise. He’s grieving in his own way, which the vet did warn us about.

Today I said goodbye to my Chips. He will be greatly missed and my heart aches. RIP Chips.

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A Little Update on Me

A little update on me. I’ve changed job. I am no longer working for Meijer. I parted ways from them after they decided to cut my hours and I was having issues keeping up with my bills. I am now working at the Post Office facility near here. It’s not my favorite job (I get bored a lot) but it pays more and I’m not having to worry about my bills.

I am still looking for a job in my degree field however. That is proving to be just as difficult as it was last year. I have had some not so great interviews, one guy was completely rude to me and I will never go back there again. That place has been added to my list of places to not apply to again. And apparently it’s a sign because I see job postings for that business a lot since then.

I have been wondering what is going on with this. Is it because I don’t have the experience? Is it just that I am not the right fit for the places I’ve interviewed? Or is it something else entirely? At this point I’m stumped. However, I am still apply and still trying. I had another interview that I am hoping to hear on but the woman is going out of state to train new employees at their other location so I have to wait for her to get back.

It’s become a waiting game. I’m still hoping and I’m still working. The temp agencies I’ve used have been a complete and total bust. They’ve also been a waste of time because they have not gotten me a job nor have they been in contact with me. It seems like those are proving to be no better for me.

Well that’s the update on me. I am working second shift so unless my days off match when I watch my shows, I haven’t been able to do as much tweeting allow with them as I would like. I really miss being able to do that and talk with people about what is happening. I’ll get back onto first shift at some point, hopefully soon. In til then however, I am doing what I can and I’m still applying. Wish me luck!

The Lego Batman Movie


The Lego movies never seem to disappoint me. There are made for kids but there are several adult jokes for the parents that get to go. The first Lego movie introduced us to Batman and because the DC new Batman movie is delayed, this movie filled in the gap.

The Lego Batman movie picks up a few years after the last Lego movie. Batman has been protecting Gotham from crime and dealing with all his known nemesis through the comics. His man villain for this movie is the Joker. Joker is set on destroying Gotham because Batman will not admit that they have a relationship with the Joker being his arch-rival.

“Uh, cause last time I checked, I only have one butt.” –Batman

Batman then attends the city’s winter gala as Bruce Wayne to honor the retirement of Commisioner Gordon. He learn that Gordon’s daughter, Barbara is going to be taking over for him at the police station in Gotham. However, Batman learns that Barbara has plans to have the city no longer need Batman to fight crime. The Joker then crashes the party in order to be “captured” but he has other plans. The Joker wants to get to the Phantom Zone, which Superman has left his enemies in. There are several jokes regarding the Batman vs. Superman movie and about the Justice League films before that.

Batman isn’t content to let the Joker just sit in prison and believes he had other plans. He starts to watch the Joker in prison. However, Alfred intervenes and advises Batman to take charge of Dick Grayson, the adopted kid that Bruce didn’t realize he truly adopted from the event. Dick becomes Robin to Batman. They manage to recover the Projector from Superman’s Fortress of Solitude, where Superman is throwing a huge party. They head to the prison to confront the Joker and use it on him. Barbara is there however and both Batman and Robin end up locked up. The Projector ends up in the custody of the prison where Harley Quinn steals it back. She then breaks free the Joker and uses the Projector on him to send him to The Phantom Zone.


The Joker is able to break free all of the villains and now Robin and Batman have to convince Barbara to let them go in order to stop the Joker. The Joker’s ulitimate villains include Lord Voldemort, King Kong, Sauron, the Wicked Witch of the West, Medusa, Agent Smith and his clones, the Daleks, the Gremlins and the Kraken. I laughed when I saw the Gremlins. Barbara becomes Batgirl for Batman and Robin and Alfred because she wants to stop the Joker. These 4 and the other villains that were locked up with the Joker that he left for the Phantom Zone villains fight back.

“Sir, I have seen you go through similar phases in 2016 and 2012 and 2008 and 2005 and 1997 and 1995 and 1992 and 1989 and that weird one in 1966.” –Alfred

However, Batman fails to stop the bombs from detonating, causing the city to split apart. Batman reluctantly convinces Joker that he is the reason for being the hero he is, and working together alongside Batman’s friends, the villains, and the city’s inhabitants, chain link themselves together, reconnecting the city’s plates. With the city saved, Batman prepares to be taken back into the Phantom Zone to fulfill his bargain, only to be rejected by Phyllis, who chooses to let him remain after seeing how much he had changed in order to save everyone. Batman allows Joker and the rest of his rogues gallery to temporarily escape but will catch them later.


Overall the movie is definitely for kids but there are several jokes for adults as well. It plays off of the failed DC movies of the past and how they seem to keep making Batman movies over and over again. I give it 8 out of 10 stars. I think it’s a little longer the necessary and some parts could’ve been cut out. However, overall the film is fun and yes, the music is great.

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50 Shades Darker


When it comes to the 50 Shades series, you’re either for it or you hate it. It’s safe to say that given that when the first movie came out people were trying to have it banned from theaters. First, people needed to chill. If you don’t like the movie or it’s story, don’t see the movie. Second, they made it into a movie because people loved the series and read it, sometimes more then once. Just relax and let people see what movie they want to see.

50 Shades Darker picks up the story of Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey pretty close to how the last movie ended, much like the book. However, one thing that 50 Shades Darker doesn’t do is keep the love story between these two going. The story and plot line gets lost in the need to hit points in the book that we can’t really get anywhere with  developing a turn story. It’s very different from the first movie and I’m thinking it’s because we have a different director and writer. And what is sad is that the film starts out taking the thrill of Leila stalking Anastasia that it seems like it’s going to go somewhere but is quickly destroyed by the lack of true emotion given between the actors. It seems like both Dakota and Jamie were bored and who could blame them given how horrible the plot line was.

“I want you back. I’m not very good at this, I’ve never wanted to try again.” – Christian Grey

The love between Anastasia and Christian is supposed to grow greatly throughout this book, one of the reasons he asks her to marry him. However, the lack of emotion portrayed between the actors leaves you lacking. You never reach the moments that need the emotion the most. For instance, when Anna is confronted by Leila (which she mispronounces her name several times), Anna shock is laughable and seeing Christian with Leila is not a strong scene but more of him being annoyed. Anna doesn’t even get the chance to deal with the scene because we jump right into her being able to touch Christian, which should’ve been again another emotional and loving moment but was more of a “I really don’t want to touch you” moment. Another disappointment.


Jack Hyde was exactly the way I wanted him to be. That’s really the one thing that I enjoyed about this movie. I had hopes for Leila but they didn’t fully develop that part of the story so it became a let down. As for Jack, he was the creepy and slimy guy he was from the book and I give him a huge thumbs up for how well the characters was delivered. The tense moment between Anna and Jack is the one scene where I actually believed what was happening between the two of them. This unfortunately didn’t continue for the rest of the movie.

Mrs. Robinson aka Elena Lincoln is boring. She doesn’t look like the woman I pictured at all and instead of being “protective” of Christian like she is in the book, they spend the movie making it clear that she wants Christian for herself. Now, we know this the real reason behind what she does in the book but it’s not given to you a face to face until the last book. She’s boring. And when Grace slaps her at the end of the film, it’s more of a, well I was wondering how long that was going to take versus a pivotal moment between friends like it should’ve been. Mrs. Robinson was another let down of 50 Shades Darker.


Overall this movie doesn’t give you the story that 50 Shades Darker should. It never reaches the emotions between the characters and the actors. The story is more about hitting points in the book then setting any story up to begin with. And the characters are thrown around and together is chaos in hopes of getting as many people on camera in order to make the movie seem fuller. I give it 5 out of 10 stars. I was very disappointed in this movie, especially after how much the first one told the love story between Christian and Anastasia.

“I don’t see how this can work.” – Anastasia Steele

Also, there is a bonus scene after the credits of the film. Actually, let me rephrase that it’s a teaser trailer for 50 Shades Freed. It doesn’t give you much, I don’t even think it’s 30 seconds long. But it gives you a glimpse that this series is ending and if the last film is just like this one, then it’s going to be a a disappointment too.

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The bullshit final rule – Hunted – TV Show Review


I want to start by saying that I have watched Hunted from the start and have spent the last 7 weeks really thinking this show had the potential be the next Survivor. While it was way different, the reality story and getting to last the 28 days is similar to Survivor. However, like a lot of people on Twitter tonight for the finale, Hunted not only destroyed their chance at a successful 2nd season but also getting it viewers back.

Up until tonight, Hunted had seem like a fair show. I mean if we ignore the cameras and people always willing to help the teams, it seemed to be a simple search and find show. Again, a lot easier then in actual real life but this is a show with a time crunch. Tonight Hunted decided to throw it playbook out the window and introduce it’s “Final Last Rule”. The teams that survived, English & Steven and Lee & Hilmar, had to log onto a “secure” website to get their final instructions. However the website is not secure because the hunters now know their exact location where they logged onto the website from. This is bullshit. This final rule would take anyone who has been off the raider of the hunters up until this point, right back into their raider. The hard work of Lee & Hilmar, if we ignore the flying in the wife part, were off the raider of the hunters and were basically set to win the whole thing. However, once they got onto the website, boom the teams closed in.


This website gave final instructions. It walked them through the location of where they would fly out of, where they would get their money and how they were to get to their flight. First issue is the website, which I mentioned earlier. Second, the money at a bank which also show where to the hunters. Third, they leave on foot. No one would leave with $250,000 on foot. No one. And when they leave on foot, it allows the hunters teams to catch up with them before they reach the final flight. Both English & Steven and Lee & Hilmar won. They got the money.


If you’ve watched from the start, you know that we met English & Steven 2 weeks ago. Yes, we met them 2 weeks ago. And now they win. I don’t know whose editing the show or whose doing the story (because for reality shows they have those things), but they need to be fired. If you’re going to show someone whose a winner, you start them from episode one, regardless if their story is boring and they just sit placed. That’s what Lee & Hilmar did from the start. They did the best out of any of the teams, minus the flying the wife in which was stupid. However, English & Steven weren’t even on the show enough to really be counted a fair time to win. If you clocked their time on the show, I would surprised if it was even a full hour. Ridiculous.

This entire show had promise. It had the ability to become a fan favorite and last through quite a few seasons. However, as show on Twitter through others using the hashtag with me, it’s obvious I’m not the only one who is fed up with this final last rule. They completely gutted the entire point of this show and I get, okay we need to wrap things up and add some drama but there’s gotta be a better way then this. It was a clear message of, we don’t really know how to end this show so here’s our best idea. Boring. Lame. Cheap. Unfair. Cheating. Ridiculous. Bullshit.

I could give way more adjectives but I wont. I planned on my final review being a 10 out of 10 because I enjoyed this show so much but now it’s getting a 1 out of 10 stars. I give it one star because the past 7 weeks wouldn’t be worth it otherwise. Also, Lee & Hilmar won. But I would’ve given it 2 stars but English & Steven won too and we didn’t know them well enough for that. So my final review is 1 out of 10 stars. And it doesn’t deserve a second season CBS. Unless you change your final rule, drastically. Let it be 8 weeks of a show that had potential but you destroyed. And I’m with Vicki!