How to Fix Your Pokemon Go Plus

I want to first start by saying this is not a correct fix for everyone, however I found it to very helpful in combining multiple things I read online. I couldn’t get my Pokemon Go Plus to connect for months. I changed the battery, did the reset and nothing. I was to the point of just calling it quits all together. But I figured out that some hard reading and searching online will deliver results.

The first is this video:

The minute mark I believe is 1:17 for it to start. From there on you watch the whole thing. I followed all of these steps. I finally got the damn light to stay on longer then 5 seconds. However, even with my phone having no other connects (car and Fitbit) it still wouldn’t stay on.

At this point I thought I was stuck with two batteries and no working Go+. Then in the greatness that is reddit, I found a thread that had the answer. It can be read here.


I did all of the things in the video and what this thread suggested and boom. My plus is connected again. I’ve been saving up Pokeballs to use it again and I can now burn through them and I’m more then ready to go.

Hopefully this helps some of my fellow players, regardless of what team your on. Don’t give up!


Lady – A short film review

One of the biggest challenges everyone faces growing up is dealing with other people’s ideas of what they think you should be and how you should act. It’s frustrating when that narrative doesn’t fit your personality and sometimes it can cause you to undermine and forget yourself. You may try to conform to these ideas but in the end, you are not happy or satisfied in life.

Lady Poster 1 16x9

The one question we seem to take a long time to learn is, what if you ignored those ideas and were just yourself? Sure, it sounds like something logically and easy, but we can spend months, years and possibly a decade learning that, at the end of the day, if we are not happy with ourselves then life can be more stressful then necessary. This would of course mean disregarding all the other stresses life brings us.

Lady is about a young woman living in London. She wants to be herself but there are these cultural ideas of how she should act simply because she is female. She wants to be herself. She is a fan of the ‘ladette culture’ from the 90s where women were able to be freer. She is still carrying on that culture for herself and is of course dating. But she’s not just dating men, no Lady will date both men and woman and will play the field in search of someone worth staying with. She doesn’t believe in just limiting herself to just one sex.

Shot in Kodak Super 8mm provided by Frame 24, this short film gives you a glimpse into an even bigger discussion then what Lady is telling us. It brings up the point of how we seem to lose track of being ourselves. We will sometimes conform to the ideas of society. Lady is the idea of just being yourself. Of remembering when it didn’t matter if you fit a mold or if you were what a woman should be and act like. One of the things I hate is when someone tells me how I should act or dress to be more “lady-like”. Some would argue that men are not held to this standard, after all society has taught us that men and women are different. Women are not meant to be tough or “tom-boyish”. They should almost be like dolls. This is ridiculous. We should be allowed to me ourselves.

Lady Promo 1

Being yourself means you should be able to eat what you want. It means you should be able to eat something messy without someone gawking at you. It means we should be able to say how we feel without judgement, regardless if you’re male or female. It means we should be able to swear like a sailor without it being considered “un-lady like behavior”. It means we can hang with the boys and keep up with them. It means being ourselves and ignoring someone else’s opinion who is different from ours.

This what humanity is about. We are all different. We have different faces, hair, eye color, lips, body types and genders. We are who we want to make ourselves and if you are not happy with yourself, then maybe take a hard look as to why. And for those who would try to change you and conform you to their ideas, follow in these words:

“Oh, fuck off.” – Lady


The cast and crew are:


Lady – Amy Doyle – Ghost Stories (2018), The Crown (2016)

Derek – Matthew Castle – Holby City (2015)



Director of Photography – Adam Singodia – Level Up (2016) Blue (2017) & Radio (2018)
Sound Recordist and Sound Design – Michael Chubb – Milk and Honey (2018), The Shadow of Bigfoot (2013)
Costume Designer – Lois Tagg
Make-Up Artist – Shauna Taggart – Level Up (2016), Brotherhood (2016)

Stills Photography – Sam Rockman
Editor – Lindsey Woodward – Taboo (2017), Big Little Lies Series 2 (2018)

Composer – Hollie Buhagiar – The Circle (2017), Comeback Kid (2017)

Casting – Hammond Cox Casting

Directed, Written and Produced by Will Nash Somatic (2016), Ice Cream (2015)
Produced by Daniel Hammersley Radio (2018), Mugs (2017)
Produced by Hold Your Fire

Shot on Kodak Super 8mm provided by Frame 24

Development and Scanning – Cinelab and On8Mil

Kit Hire – Focus 24


You can read my review here of Somatic.

Movie Pass

There’s this great little thing I recently was told about called MoviePass. You probably have heard about it or have seen it talked about on the news. It’s similar to a Hulu or Netflix subscription to what you pay per month. You can see one 2D standard movie a day, any movie at the theater that supports MoviePass.


I signed up online instead of the app like it suggests (I kept getting an error when entering information). Then you have to wait for your card to arrive and then simply activate it through the app and follow the directions to use MoviePass.

I just got my card today so I haven’t had a chance to use it yet but I do know several people who have it and they love how easy it is.

The only downside is that not all theaters accept it and you can forget about per-purchasing tickets for advance screenings of a movie that is not out yet.

I will make the most of this I’m sure. And I can’t wait to get started!