Movie Pass

There’s this great little thing I recently was told about called MoviePass. You probably have heard about it or have seen it talked about on the news. It’s similar to a Hulu or Netflix subscription to what you pay per month. You can see one 2D standard movie a day, any movie at the theater that supports MoviePass.


I signed up online instead of the app like it suggests (I kept getting an error when entering information). Then you have to wait for your card to arrive and then simply activate it through the app and follow the directions to use MoviePass.

I just got my card today so I haven’t had a chance to use it yet but I do know several people who have it and they love how easy it is.

The only downside is that not all theaters accept it and you can forget about per-purchasing tickets for advance screenings of a movie that is not out yet.

I will make the most of this I’m sure. And I can’t wait to get started!


Jurassic World 2 Trailer

The past couple of weeks have been exciting to see some of the movies I’ve been waiting for. 2018 is going to be a busy year for movies. 2017 of course was a bust for me. I can’t even get motivated to see Justice League because I know it’s going to disappoint me.

Besides the next Avengers movie, this is the one I’m really excited for. These movies never let me down so I’m ready for the next one. Here is the trailer below:

Get ready, it’s going to be a great movie. There’s call backs to the entire franchise in this trailer.

Big and Exciting Day Tomorrow

Tomorrow my brother is getting married. I am the mistress of ceremonies. I’m both excited and nervous because I want this to go off without any problems. This is going to be a long day for me but I’m ready for it. Maybe Sunday I’ll get to relax? Not likely.

I wanted to do that today because of the rain but it stopped around 5pm and yeah I totally did a ton of Pokemon Go legendary raid battles. I got a Lugia finally and I got a Moltres the first day. No Articuno for me. I tried 4 different times and no luck. I’m ready for the next one to start but that’s not until next week.

I just did 10 days straight at work. I dont want to do that again but I’m having 4 days off now for the wedding so I know that it’ll probably be happening most likely again. I had an interview on Thursday too. I’m crossing my fingers on that one. I need to get onto a steady job and finally get my feet into my degree. I don’t use any of it at my current job. I also don’t want to be doing 60+ hours a week during December.

So please keep me and my family in your thoughts this weekend. And I’m hoping greatly not only that the wedding is fantastic but also that I get my job.

Adventure Bust

Last week was adventure week for Pokemon Go. This means there was an increase in Rock Pokemon which was also supposed to mean some rare pokemon for people to find. Unfortunately this entire week was a bust except for the “buddy candy” system. Many people did not find the variety of Pokemon we were told were going to be available. Myself only saw the same 3 pokemon throughout the entire week. I had Geodudes, Rhynhorns and Slugmas. That was the only three that I saw mainly. I did see an Onix once but that was something I figured the system game me, not the week.


I myself went onto the Pokemon Go Facebook page to see what was going on. And it seemed to be the same thing for everyone. These events have become more of a let down then actually fun for many people. The Water event and the Grass Pokemon event were probably the best ones for me compared to anything else.

These events are only happening because Pokemon is trying to get it’s players back. Many of my friends who played religiously from the start have stopped because the game has become a let down. Pokemon are not as available as they used to me the same pokemon continue to appear, no matter where you’re playing at. I’m still trying to grow my Pokedex and evolve pokemon so right now it’s not a huge bother to me, plus I’m out for the exercise too.

I just wish that if you’re going to advertise the special things available then they should be there for the players, not just a select few in the right locations.