And it’s true. Because it rhymes. – The Lego Movie – Movie Review

When it comes to kids movie, I’m not afraid to say I go see them in the theater. I can think of several occasions when my friends and I are the only “adults” in the theater filled with kids and their parents (meaning we have no child with us). It’s not awkward and honestly I probably laugh way harder than the kids do. That being said, The Lego Movie didn’t fall into this. Sure there were kids but their were more adults. Good to see!


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The Lego Movie is directed by Phil Lord (Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and 21 Jump Street) and Christopher Miller (Clone High and 21 Jump Street). It was written by our two directors as well as Dan Hageman (Hotel Transylvania) and Kevin Hageman (Hotel Transylvania). And of course we couldn’t have the movie without the wonderful Lego company.

We begin by seeing a wizard named Vitruvius (voiced by Morgan Freeman, Bucket List and RED) attempting to protect the Kragle, a super-weapon in the Lego world, from the evil Mr. Business. The wizard fails in keeping this from Mr. Business but warns him that someone will come, The Special, and he will stop the Kragle from being used with the “Piece of Resistance”.

“The Special will be the greatest, most talented, most interesting, most important person of all times.  And it’s true.  Because it rhymes.” – Vitruvius

We jump a few years into the future and we get to see that the world of Legos has grown greatly and that Mr. Business (voiced by Will Ferrell, Elf and Wedding Crashers) is now President Business and he basically owns the world. We meet an ordinary construction worker, Emmet Brickowski (voiced by Chris Pratt, Money Ball and Her) comes across a woman searching in the construction yard, her name is Wyldstyle (voiced by Elizabeth Banks, Pitch Perfect and The Hunger Games). Emmet goes to investigate and falls into a hole and finds the Piece of Resistance. Compelled to touch it, Emmet experiences vivid visions and passes out. He awakens elsewhere, with the Piece of Resistance attached to his back, in the custody of Bad Cop (voiced by Liam Nelson, Taken and Batman Begins), President Business’ lieutenant (whose head sometimes turns around to reveal his other side, Good Cop).

Emmet learns Business’ plans to destroy the world with the Kragle. Wyldstyle rescues Emmet and takes him to Vitruvius, who explains that he and Wyldstyle are “Master Builders” capable of building anything they need, both with great speed and without instruction manuals. Years ago, President Business rose to power, his disapproval of such anarchic creativity resulting in him capturing many of them. As the “Special”, Emmet is destined to defeat him, yet Wyldstyle and Vitruvius are disappointed to find Emmet displays no creativity especially after seeing his mind is empty. Until they realize this is what Master Builders search for and Emmet has already achieved it.

“Mater Builders clear their minds for years to make room to hear the Master.  Your mind is so prodigiously empty…” – Vitruvius

President Business plans to use the Kragle (a tube of Krazy Glue with some of the logo’s letters rubbed out) to freeze the universe perfectly in place. Bad Cop tracks down Emmet and Wyldstyle, who are rescued by her boyfriend, Batman (voiced by Will Arnett, We’re the Millers and Despicable Me). He takes them to a meeting of the remaining Master Builders. Unimpressed with Emmet, they refuse to fight. Suddenly, Bad Cop and his forces attack and capture all the Master Builders except for Emmet and a few others. Emmet believes the Master Builders’ weakness is that their individual creativity prevents them from working together. He devises a team plan to infiltrate President Business’ headquarters. As Emmet and his allies are captured and imprisoned, Vitruvius attempts to fight back but is killed; with his dying words he admits the prophecy was made up. Business throws the Piece of Resistance off the edge of the universe, sets his headquarters to self-destruct, and leaves with the Kragle while leaving Bad Cop behind. Vitruvius’ ghost tells Emmet that even if the prophecy isn’t real, Emmet can still save the world. Emmet, tied to the self-destruct mechanism’s battery, sacrifices himself for his friends, flinging himself off the edge of the universe. Inspired, the Master Builders escape and rally with the help of Bad Cop. Soon, Lego people across the universe are building their own creative weapons. The Master Builders lead the charge against Business.

ImageEmmet finds himself in the real world, where the events of the story are being played out within the imagination of a boy, Finn (played by Jadon Sand, Frozen and Wreck-It Ralph). His father “The Man Upstairs” chastises his son for ruining his father’s Lego set by mixing character with the wrong playsets, and originating hodgepodge creations. Finn argues that Lego are for children, but his father prefers to Krazy Glue his perceived perfect creations together permanently, as this is how adults play with Lego. In the Lego world, President Business’ forces gain the upper hand. Realizing the father will glue all the Lego in place, Emmet wills himself to move and falls off the table, gaining Finn’s attention. Finn returns Emmet to the Lego set, where Emmet builds a massive robot to assist his friends before confronting President Business. In the real world, Finn’s father looks at his son’s creations again and finds himself impressed. Realizing his son based the evil Business on him, the father has a change of heart and allows his son to play with his Lego however he sees fit. In the Lego world, Emmet convinces President Business that Business, too, is special, as is everyone. Moved by Emmet’s speech, Business destroys the Kragle and unfreezes his victims.

But it wouldn’t be a good movie without the possibility of another one right? We jump to Finn and his Dad saying that they now have to let his little sister play with the Legos too. Yes, we get baby lego pieces and boom, end of the movie.

The movie is definitely one for kids and even if you’re not a kid you can still enjoy it. Because lets face it, we all know that kids movies have a way of putting the dirty jokes into the script. Perfectly executed sometimes. I give this movie 8 out 10 stars. It wasn’t as funny as I expected it to be and that’s the only reason I take some points off. The voice talent in this movie is wonderful. Here are a couple of other characters that I didn’t mention above.

1. Unikitty – Alison Brie

2. Wally – Dave Franco

3. Green Lantern – Jonah Hill

4. Superman – Channing Tatum


And here are a few more quotes:

Batman:  You picked the wrong baby.  Your car is a baby carriage.

Emmett:  We’re about to crash into the sun!
Batman:  Yeah, but it’ll look really cool.

Unikitty:  Here in cuckoo land, there are no rules….No negativity of any kind.  …
WyldStyle:  You just said “no” like a hundred times.
Unikitty:  Also no consistency.

Emmett:  No rules?  How do you know what not to do?

Metal Beard:  Really hard?!  Wiping your butt with a hook is hard!

Superman to Green Lantern:  I super-hate you.

Benny:  Hey!  I’m Benny.  And you can call me Benny and I can build a spaceship!

Vitruvius:  Don’t worry about what the others are doing.  You must embrace what is special about you.

Unikitty:  I feel something inside.  It’s like the OPPOSITE OF HAPPY.

Emmett: Batman? Awesome! Could you make one of these in orange?

Batman: I only work in black. And sometimes, very, very dark gray.


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